The items that we offer on this web site are custom designed, custom decorated and custom printed on demand and only for the customer and only at the customer's request. As such these items are no eligible for returns, exchanges or refunds. HOWEVER! We work very hard to produce the finest quality custom items and gifts that we can. Even though these items are no eligible for returns, exchanges or refunds, if we make a mistake in filling your order rest assured we will work to fix our errors immediately.  

 We are human and our company is owned an operated by humans. If we make a mistake or error in filling your order there is no need to return the product. We cannot reuse an item made in error. Instead contact us. Send us a photo of the mistake or problem and fully describe how the item is different than what you ordered (compare it to your order) or just exactly what the issue is. When we get your message and photo, if we made the error we will remake your item and ship it to you again right away and at our expense.  Thank you for allowing us to serve you. 

 CPP Staff

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