Uber - Lyft North Carolina Ride share Front License Plate 6" x 12" Aluminum License Plate

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Uber - Lyft North Carolina Ride share Front License Plate
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§ 20-280.5 Effective October 1, 2019 

The transportation network company must require a TNC driver to display the license plate number of the TNC driver's vehicle in a location that is visible from the front of the vehicle
at the time a TNC service begins and at all times during a TNC service. The vehicle's license plate number displayed pursuant to this subsection must be printed in a legible and contrasting
font no smaller than three inches in height but is not required to be permanently mounted on the vehicle. A TNC driver is not required to obtain approval from the transportation network
company or the Division for a license plate number display required by this subsection.

The purchase of this plate is not required by law, however if you are a TNC driver you are required to display your license plate number on the front of your vehicle while in service. This is for a standard vehicle size aluminum license plate (6" X 12") that will be printed to comply with the new North Carolina Law. This plate can be attached to your vehicle using your front license plate holder or it can be displayed while in service on the right lower corner of your windshield, You may also elect to have the company that your represent printed on the upper corners of the plate. You can choose from uber or lyft or both is you drive for both companies.

Please Note. This is not an official registration plate issued by the state of North Carolina. This is a professionally printed and durable sign that is available to uber and or lyft drivers who as of October 1, 2019 are required to display their license plate number on the front of their vehicles while in service. YOU MUST HAVE A VALID NORTH CAROLINA REGISTRATION PLATE ON THE REAR OF YOUR VEHICLE THAT YOU HAVE PURCHASED FROM THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA TO OPERATE YOUR VEHICLE ON A STREET OR HIGHWAY IN NORTH CAROLINA. This item is only offered as a "Front Facing Sign" to comply with § 20-280.5 NC TNC Safety Law

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