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There are 4 main questions that are asked that we can address before a ticket is submitted.

QuestionAre these plates Official Vehicle Registration Plates? 
AnswerOF COURSE NOT! The plates that we offer are Novelty Plates, toys or signs. You will need to contact your State's DMV or Motor Vehicles Office to register your vehicle and obtain an official registration plate. We do offer Vehicle size plates that will fit your car or truck (6 x 12) because some states only require a back registration plate and then allow you to add a vanity plate on the front. You should check the laws in your state to determine if the laws allow this.

Question: Can I cancel, change or edit my order? 
Answer: Production of your order will begin right away, even at odd hours. Our production staff does not work the same hours as our customer service staff. Therefore we cannot honor any requests to cancel, change or edit any order once it has been submitted to us.  All changes and edits should be completed prior to placing the order.

 Question: Do you ship your products outside of the USA? 
Answer: We ship our products to addresses within the United States and Canada. BUT! We do offer our State Plate designs on eBay. And Ebay does offer international shipping and takes care of the customs. If you would like to order one or more of our State Plates you may visit our eBay store here: 

 Question: I cannot find a specific plate style (For example vintage state plates, specialty state plates that are not the States main license plate) Can you make it? 
Answer: YES!. We offer hundreds of plates that can be personalized on our site. 
You can use our FREE online design tool on our sister web site at and design your own plate in real time, online for FREE. You can even design your own plate and upload your art. We can also help you with custom design work, however there is a $100 minimum charge for custom design work.


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